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Show Dates 2018

Apologies to those who follow my site for the lapses in continuity since Summer. It was a very busy season and then, at the end of August, I had a brilliant idea. My friend Kirk Fletcher( ) was in town from Switzerland and I thought we should play a show since it had been a while. The show was sold out and recorded on lossless audio and 4k video. When I listened and watched back, that brilliant idea took shape... "I should turn THIS into a TV SHOW!!!" I exclaimed to myself. So the idea was born and about a month and a half after the Kirk concert,  a 2nd concert or "episode" as they would now be called was booked with one of the top electric guitar players in the world as my special guest, Mr. Josh Smith If I wasn't completely sold on the idea after the 1st one, Josh's show made not only me a believer but everyone in attendance, the crew and all. "Stopover In My Town" is a scheduled 12 episode musical reality show with similarities to several hit streaming shows but unique unto itself

Feb 21, 2020

Breast Cancer Benefit Concert with special guests and for a wonderful cause

Benefit Concert Downtown Laguna Beach

Join James and a cast of touring professional players as they bring serious musicianship to this awesome Laguna Beach venue

Feb 22, 2020


James Clay Garrison and his band playing legitimate ROCK!

Feb 23, 2019

4-8 PM

Joe's in Fullerton, CA

James' and band play oldies funk and yacht rock in DownTown Fullerton CA

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